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Shameek Ashley Farrell: The American Dream.


Hi all, for those who don’t know who I am my name is Shameek Ashley Farrell, 20 years young, born and bred from deep East London, a sports science & physiotherapy graduate, ex professional footballer, now a very keen runner on the run, creative nut job, part time superstar when the camera is shone…

Shameek went to New York and Did Da Ting. Read his account of the trip over on his blog.

Black Ops 2 Live VIP Launch

The RDC Youngers were invited down to the VIP launch for the Call of Duty game, Nathaniel is an RDC Younger and also writer for gaming media group 8bit Ego. Check out what he had to say about the event on their site here or click the pic above.

Darkz: From Sofa to Empire State

Darkz is a graduate from last seasons RDCY and has fully embraced the project. Read about his latest trip to New York with the team.

Triple R - Rebel Run Report (Triple R) by Darkz

So here I am standing outside 276 Bowery, New York. Glow sticks and Head lamps seems to be the theme for are run. We get changed into running gear and there’s a bag check.

The bridge runners said a few words and introduced us to their crew then we took off. With head lamps showing us the way we ran from Bowery through the blackout zone. I think experiencing the black out first hand was of value because we saw a New York not everybody else visiting the city will see.

I think running through it was amazing. We zig-zagged through the black out zone and made our way to Times Square. Getting cheered on by some members of the public whilst racing through traffic was amazing.

We took a photo right in the middle of Time square traffic and ran off before we could become a nuisance. The run was coming to an end but it felt so good so the last bit of it was comfortable. We finished and picked up our bags and had a stretch off. Then went to Karaoke. It was an interesting night and more so a great run, Peace. #BuiltonNYC #BalotelliLifestyle #BLXPD #BridgeTheGap #MakeItCount #RDCYoungers


The Youngers project has taken Darkz across Europe and seen him now run strong through The British 10k, The Paris 10k, The Copenhagen Half Marathon and now The Amsterdam Half Marathon all whilst working at the Nike+ Fuelstation and starting University. If there’s a race around, Darkz is who you need to speak to. Sit back and enjoy his run report from the past weekend.

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Shameek Vs Run To The Beat

What a difference a year makes. Shameek came through our #RDC Youngers project. From sofa to finish line of the Nike Run To The Beat half marathon which this time last year was the furthest he’d ever run. Today he came back to tackle the course again but this time he paced another RDC Younger through the 13 mile distance. He also brought his new born son to the race to watch his daddy fly. Big up @shameek_ldn in one year you have come so far.

The general myth within the running industry is that young people do not run. I think with every step the Youngers take they prove it’s just a myth. It’s how you engage young people in running that needs to be changed. Run Dem and the rest of the global crews are doing their part to bring change. The obstacles are huge but we shall persevere regardless .

Nuff respects

RDC Youngers pt. 2

After months of training, we were ready. Changed for the better and took on the Run To The Beat Half Marathon!

Tomorrow morning marks the 1 year anniversary of that race and to celebrate, the RDC Youngers are smashing that Half Marathon again!

Good luck everyone!

RDC Youngers pt. 1

This time last year, the RDC Youngers set out to conquer a Half Marathon that would change their lives. The Nike Run To The Beat Half Marathon was more than a race. It was the culmination of months of hard work and dedication, all to be celebrated on the day. The Youngers have since gone on to do great things and still run of course. Sit back and watch this video to see how it all started, before the race.

Venetia Went to Amsterdam and DID DA TING!


It’s a long one. Brace yourselves. But…

Yep. I did just that. Another event in the Bridge The Gap series saw my running crew, me included, jet off to Amsterdam for the half marathon! Anyone following my tumblr would have seen I had been training for the day of October 21st for quite some time…

Read up on Venetia’s exploits at the 3rd installment of Bridge The Gap and how she got on with her first ever half marathon. Well done Venetia!!

Donate for Venete here.

Pre RDC Youngers from Mike

Pre RDC Youngers from Mike

Waimef x Paris

Before we bring you race reports from the RDC Youngers in Berlin we have a gem from last years RDC Youngers, Femi.

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Nathaniels Berlin Marathon Report: Laufen Laufen Laufen

Nathaniel recently ventured out to Germany to run his second Marathon of 2012. His race report below he tells us about his journey and what the race meant for him.

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Race Report: Jamie Breaks It Down

RDC Younger from last year, Jamie has come leaps and bounds since completing the Nike Run To The Beat Half Marathon and has now conquered the mysterious 26.2 mile race. His run report is below.

Nathaniel is next up

Berlin Marathon.

Let’s just say that again, Berlin Marathon. Berlin Marathon. Berlin Marathon. Yep, it’s definitely real, I am sure of that. Running so far has taken me on an incredible journey that’s for from over. Tomorrow me and my friends show the world that we are not afraid of running. We are strong. We are prepared to look into the eyes of fear and stare straight back at it. I believe that we as distance runners will always have the urge to tackle this giant that is the Marathon.

You start with 5k then double that up and do 10k. Step up again and run a Half-Marathon which is extremely satisfying. It leaves something though, a sour taste almost. It’s that ‘Half-’ in front of the title that represents the 13.1 miles you run always leaves a desire for the mind and body. A desire that can only be fulfilled by conquering one of the most fearful things we can do. Run a Marathon. There is no ‘K’ or ‘Half-’ present here, just the beast that takes no prisoners on the day.

Participating in a race such as this is no mean feat and the distance is there to be respected which is what we have done. Nobody will wake up tomorrow and suddenly going to try and qualify for Boston. We will wake up tomorrow and will be the best that we can be on the day. We will try our hardest and we will succeed. That’s what the Marathon takes. It takes guts and fearless individuals that want to be able to say ‘I can do it’.

It’s been a long hard road that comes to an end tomorrow and we are ready, ready to be done with the fear, ready to be courageous for 26.2 miles and take that transition into the next stage of our lives.

My family, friends, running family, my tumblr buddies, you are all very important to me and have helped me get to where I am today. My family has been such a help in training and personal development. I thank my beautiful mother for getting me here. These people have helped mould this man into Nathaniel Cole. The support I have received has been second to none. I run for you tomorrow.

Tomorrow, me, Mike, Atticus, Jamie & Nick from the mighty Run Dem Crew lace up for one final time as Men that ‘haven’t’ completed the Berlin Marathon. We will wake up on Monday as Champions. Champions of a City. Champions of the Marathon. Champions of Berlin.