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Darkz: From Sofa to Empire State

Darkz is a graduate from last seasons RDCY and has fully embraced the project. Read about his latest trip to New York with the team.

Pre RDC Youngers from Mike

Pre RDC Youngers from Mike

Nathaniel is next up

Berlin Marathon.

Let’s just say that again, Berlin Marathon. Berlin Marathon. Berlin Marathon. Yep, it’s definitely real, I am sure of that. Running so far has taken me on an incredible journey that’s for from over. Tomorrow me and my friends show the world that we are not afraid of running. We are strong. We are prepared to look into the eyes of fear and stare straight back at it. I believe that we as distance runners will always have the urge to tackle this giant that is the Marathon.

You start with 5k then double that up and do 10k. Step up again and run a Half-Marathon which is extremely satisfying. It leaves something though, a sour taste almost. It’s that ‘Half-’ in front of the title that represents the 13.1 miles you run always leaves a desire for the mind and body. A desire that can only be fulfilled by conquering one of the most fearful things we can do. Run a Marathon. There is no ‘K’ or ‘Half-’ present here, just the beast that takes no prisoners on the day.

Participating in a race such as this is no mean feat and the distance is there to be respected which is what we have done. Nobody will wake up tomorrow and suddenly going to try and qualify for Boston. We will wake up tomorrow and will be the best that we can be on the day. We will try our hardest and we will succeed. That’s what the Marathon takes. It takes guts and fearless individuals that want to be able to say ‘I can do it’.

It’s been a long hard road that comes to an end tomorrow and we are ready, ready to be done with the fear, ready to be courageous for 26.2 miles and take that transition into the next stage of our lives.

My family, friends, running family, my tumblr buddies, you are all very important to me and have helped me get to where I am today. My family has been such a help in training and personal development. I thank my beautiful mother for getting me here. These people have helped mould this man into Nathaniel Cole. The support I have received has been second to none. I run for you tomorrow.

Tomorrow, me, Mike, Atticus, Jamie & Nick from the mighty Run Dem Crew lace up for one final time as Men that ‘haven’t’ completed the Berlin Marathon. We will wake up on Monday as Champions. Champions of a City. Champions of the Marathon. Champions of Berlin.

Vote for P. Casso!

RDC Younger graduate P. Casse needs your help to be voted as the FACE OF JD Sports! Click the image below so he can move up the leaderboard and be a part of this fantastic opportunity.

My Run Dem Crew Experience - Jammz

How is life treating you?

At the moment I can only think of one word to describe my life. Overwhelming. I’m at a stage in my life where everything seems to be happening at once - and FAST. Being the person that I am, I’m trying to take it all on at once. I’ve just finished uni, but am still in the middle off degree show preparations, which means travelling between two cities constantly. I also have various freelance design projects that I have been working on throughout the year, which all seem to be coming to a head now, so I spend most of my spare hours in front of a pc. Then of course I have the music side of things to deal with which isn’t moving as fast as I’d like it to. To add to all this I’ve had to take on various other responsibilities due to a family member being terminally ill. Trying to condense all my time down into one week is a hefty challenge, but I’m very grateful for every opportunity that keeps popping up as of late. I’m under pressure from every angle, which is a good thing because that’s when I work best..

My Run Dem Crew Experience - Dre

This young man can describe the world in a special, special way. Read his report on his the Run Dem Crew Youngers experience below.

RDC Youngers Present #TrainingDay!

Download now! Running isn’t the only thing they do!

Love Dem Crew By Rosie Knight

She’s younger than most but has an eye for detail and a way with words far greater than her years. Having worked with Rosie for almost 9 years I’ve seen her growth as a writer but this piece really blew me away. Video to come but for now feast on the words as she breaks down The Love Dem Crew

My Endz: Jammz

RDC Younger Jammz is one of our resident MC’s and here he tells us what Hackney Wick is really like.

“Here’s a short piece about my area and the darker side to it”

Top 16 from Skinny Macho

RDC Younger Skinny Macho is one of our resident DJ’s and he’s laid down a storm with his top 10…plus 6!

I don’t have an official top ten, simply because there is far too much good music in THE WORLD to try pin it down to just TEN! I get sent tracks to me every week from promo companies, record labels, producers, friends etc…and always finding new tracks from scouring the internet, podcasts, radio playlists, record shops, going to raves. All of this for my DJ sets, radio show and personal pleasure.

So this time round I can only narrow it down to what tracks I was feeling/playing out last month (April). Some are new some are old.

No descriptions > just listen!

Head over here to find out what Drew’s radio set is like.

P. Casso Breaks Down the Mile 21 Experience

It’s your boy P back again, no lyrics from me this time. Just checking in to fill you in on the RDC-infested Mile 21 at the London Marathon. Believe it or not, I would never have even bothered watching the London Marathon on TV before last Sunday I won’t lie to you but since last weekend that’s all changed.

NIKE | RDCY British 10k Journey

Our friends at Nike and the man like Ewen Spencer have been filming the RDC Youngers journey since the project kicked off almost four months ago. Video dropped today and I’m happy. Great reflection of the project and our man Ewen did us proud. Big ups to all of the Youngers and if you feel inspired and wan to get involved drop us a mail and stay tuned. Next project begins in two weeks as we step it up to tackle the big one. Run To The Beat.

RDC Youngers x RWD Photo Shoot

Last weekend the youngers linked up with RWD for their final photoshoot, check out the behind the scenes video from Jerome.

Big ups to all the youngers!

The Run Report: Jerome

I’ve been running every week with Run Dem Crew for about 3 months now and Tuesday’s run was the first time I turned back before the run was over because I couldn’t complete it.