Run Dem Crew was created by myself Charlie Dark in the winter of 2007. It was formed as a means of bringing together the mass of creative young people I was meeting though my work as a teacher, and the older heads I’d grown up with over the last twenty years. A recent convert to running I figured there were other people I knew who could benefit from its inclusion in their lives, and three years later and over 150 strong I guess my prediction was right.

RDC Youngers is a project that takes the Run Dem Crew into the heartbeat of the younger generation, and gives them the tools to change their lives through sport and creativity. My theory has always been if you can run a distance that you’ve only ever driven, imagined or ridden in a bus then you can achieve anything that you want with your life. Implemented in the spring of 2010 the RDC Youngers project worked with Fairbridge and Active Communities to set up pop up running clubs for young people lasting 6 weeks at a time. At the end of the six weeks each crew was asked to rename their crew and given the support to continue running. A year later and many of these crews are still in operation inspiring more and more young people to participate in sport.

Contained within the pages of this blog are the day to day musings of Part 2 of the project The RDC Youngers Run To The Beat Team. A group of young people and their journey from sofa to finish line of the Nike Run To The Beat Half Marathon on 25th September 2011. These young people will then become the ambassadors for Part 3 of the project when the  RDC Youngers model is rolled out to 50 crews across London.

We are now at Part 4 which takes this group of youngers through their paces in the British 10K in July. Always striving to raise the bar and push things forward this project looks at new ways to engage young people through creativity and sport while at the same time providing a forum for the exchange of  ideas across generations. Over the course of 16 weeks this project aims to nurture a new generation of young people who will go on to influence and shape London’s future. Follow our story here.

Charlie Dark